Thank you for visiting the Advidi Dance4Life page! This is the home of donations in the name of Advidi and our three runnin’ representatives: Mark van den Elzen, Bram van Pul and Patrick Spruit.

We hope you’ll contribute to this outstanding cause and cheer along with us during the NYC Marathon!

Why we’re supporting Dance4Life:

As a global, people-oriented organization with a focus on health and balance, we find a lot to respect in Dance4Life’s mission. We recognize the power of education when it comes to impacting positive change, and the importance of taking action to support your beliefs. Just like Dance4Life, we’re active, energetic and always thinking about long-term results.

This matches our internal culture of inspiring people to live healthy and active lives. We also believe in the importance of knowledge, especially as it empowers personal development. Internally, we provide constant training and education for our people. Externally, we take on the responsibility of thought leadership. We constantly share our industry knowledge with our clients and strongly believe that the more knowledgeable our partners are, the better the industry will be.

Most of the people working at Advidi are young. The partnership with Dance4Life is a very concrete step toward showing our employees that we genuinely care about these values - they’re not only words.

About Advidi:

We are a global affiliate marketing network based in Amsterdam. Our business is based on the on everything Amsterdam represents: stability, tradition, respect and trust. Our guiding principle is “people first, then profits” - we believe Dance4Life is a great representation of this sentiment.

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